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Zanzibar  amazing 390 m2 vil la rental
and 60 m2

Zanzibar luxury holiday rentals in a private property

Bungalow and Villa for rent in Zanzibar

Most probably the nicest 390 m2 villa and 60 m2 bungalow rentals in Zanzibar, in a huge 1 hectare private, peaceful beach-front property. No sharing at all, FULL PRIVACY ONLY. You cannot find a nicer property for rent in Zanzibar.

One bungalow and one beach villa for rent in Zanzibar in a one hectare (acres 2,47) property. No shared residence, no neighbours, no vicinity to bear. Just a peaceful spot with a sandy beach, plus a large natural garden. Two stylish houses to let in Zanzibar for dictinctive guests.

Full privacy for discerning guests in our full-service holiday rentals in Zanzibar.

The villa and the bungalow for rent in Zanzibar are not to be shared with tourists.

In our private beach in Zanzibar, we build only one 390 m2 villa and one 60 m2bungalow for your full privacy in the nature.

The nicest vacation rentals in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar villa and bungalow rentals

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